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Website, Blog, & E-Commerce Development Services

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Website, Blog, & E-Commerce Development Services

Website, Blog, & E-Commerce Development Services


Website, Blog, and E-Commerce Development Services are a set of comprehensive services offered by the Uriel Corporation Think Tank.

Prospective Website Development Clients are urged to download, fill out, save, and return the Uriel Corporation Think Tank the Website Requirements Form back to us so we can help you define the requirements for your website, blog, or e-commerce site project. The Website Requirements Form is an electronic form in PDF format that allows Clients to type in and select information to communicate their interests regarding website, blog, or e-commerce development services. The Think Tank uses the form to narrow down what would be required for a website, blog, or an e-commerce site that will meet or exceed Client needs and expectations at very competitive rates.

When you are ready to engage Uriel Corporation for Website Development Services, please begin by purchasing the Management Consulting Services Working Session product on this site to work with a Uriel Corporation executive to iron out the Project Scope and the Statement of Work (SOW) that will be included in your Website Development Services Contract or choose to select your own services by choosing the Build Your Own Button above. If you choose to purchase the Management Consulting Working Session the Working Session Fee will be credited and be applied to your account for the Website Development Services performed by the Think Tank.

If this is a comprehensive consulting contract where Uriel Corporation is to engage in other Management Consulting Services that might involve other commercialization and consulting services please inform the Think Tank of this fact when developing the Project Scope and the Statement of Work (SOW) for your contract.

Contact the Uriel Corporation Think Tank today if you have an interest in: websites, blogs, or e-commerce sites. Uriel Corporation offers a comprehensive set of services designed to accommodate almost any website, blog or e-commerce requirement. Click the Build Your Own Button above to see a listing of options you can choose from for your website, blog, or e-commerce requirements.

If you have any questions and if you would like a free initial consultation please call: 1-708-598-7314, Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm CST.

Uriel Corporation Headquarters
(Meetings at this location by appointment only; please do not send snail mail to this location):

One Westbrook Corporate Center
Suite 300
Westchester, IL 60154-5709 USA
Phone: 1 (708) 598-7314

Send all Snail Mail and Remit Payments to the following address: Uriel Corporation, PO Box 3847, Oak Brook, IL 60522-3847

For further information on Uriel Corporation’s Website Development Services, please see: (Our Website Development Division Website) or our Services Page on the Uriel Corporation Think Tank Blog at: